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Bren Ward

October 7, 2023

Matthew 13:16, New International Translation

“But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.”


A Prophecy Part One


This Prophecy has been unfolding in my life and in the lives of others I have met since I received it in 1990. It came to me in a symbolic language for those with ears to hear and eyes to see, the bride of Christ.


God's Vision for the maturing of His Church through the coming years, in preparation for the greatest move of His Spirit to date as His Kingdom comes on earth one renewed heart-mind at a time. While in prayer in the Spirit of the Lord gave me a vision of a holy temple fully destroyed, except for the foundation. The foundation that was left standing was the chief cornerstone which I understood represented Jesus Christ and God's messages which came through Him. The rest of the stones which were left was that which Almighty God had placed through inspiring His prophets and apostles of old and through the outpourings of His Spirit since. I was aware a spiritual tidal wave had come in and wiped everything else out as far as the eyes could see so that all which remained was God's work, not mans.


I knew the temple represented the Spirit of Christ residing in the bride of Christ, and in each individual believer. I was aware God Himself had swept His hand over His holy temple, His church. In doing so, He had knocked down that which was not in Christ's image; works of the flesh inspired by vain imaginations and inherited traditions that were rooted in fear, legalistic teachings, and not His love. I was given an understanding of the church as it was known at that time would no longer exist in the future. Father was unfolding His eternal plan for her, and she was about to go through a season of weakness and even a sense of powerlessness for some. This would be a time of fiery trials and shaking for many. This was so she might be emptied out to receive that which was coming– an outpouring of His Spirit far greater than man has known to date.


The Holy Spirit brought to remembrance the time of Nehemiah where the walls of the temple had been torn down due to idolatry, all that remained were mere rubble. I thought of Nehemiah having to access the damage before the temple was to be rebuilt. I said, "Lord, the only protection we have from the enemy of our souls is You." I understood, this was His intention. It was then I heard, "The time has come for the Spirit of the Lord Himself to fill His holy temple, His bride that she might become one with her Bridegroom through their union. Judgment has come against her 'body' to purify and transform her through my purifying fire. The season for her to grow as an adult has come; she is to put away childish things, of which many have become idols that hinder her growth. No longer do I want to hear her cry out, “We need to get back to the way the early church was,” that was her infancy. Those who have come before her are becoming idols in her eyes. It is time for her to grow and become mature as the bride of Christ, adorned for her husband. It became clear through the Spirit of God within me that the ways we have seen things done in the past are over – for they are limited, in comparison to that which He alone would bring into being. I understood He would be bringing forth a 'new breed' of apostles and prophets for His purpose alone.


Please come back next week to read A Prophecy Part Two.

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