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ALL IN Women' Seminar

The War Within: Flesh vs. Spirit

  • What is the relationship you have with the Holy Spirit?

  • What is the flesh and the spirit? How about the soul?

  • What does it mean to lean on the Spirit?

  • What is spiritual warfare? How we can stand firm and have victory?

Date: October 27th, 2023

Time: 6:00 - 8:30PM, Doors open at 5:30PM

Location: First Christian Church

                 Fellowship Hall

                 1151 E. 6th St. Salem, OH


Speaker: Coria Brock and Rachel Jones

Testimony Share: Cara Belcastro

Worship: Lead by Chloe Morrow

Prophetic Art: Marci Burgett, Leslie Wittenmyer, and a special teenage girl

If you would like to attend this seminar, please register by visiting our Contact Us page and letting us know. We look forward to seeing you there!

Coria Brock, Key Note Speaker

How should I start? With the day the Lord rescued me and found me in the dumpsite, cleaned me, and showed me He is my Father? Or maybe with the process of how the Lord tore my life down and rebuilt it like Legos? Maybe I should share the calling and the passion that God has prepared and laid in my heart? Or maybe with the stories about how God told me that I am His Rose, or how I am a pearl not a piece of trash and a key to open doors? Should I mention how being ALL IN for Christ changed my life, or perhaps how my life is His testimony…

Hi, I am Coria, and I am just like many of you. I have walked though the shadow of death and now I recognize the path I walked through is a blooming valley. I enjoy and rejoice in each day because I know they are in the hands of God, and my prayer is that His purpose in and through me be fulfilled daily. By the Lord’s blessing, I am now in His big family. I am blessed with friendships I never thought I could have and have been restored to be His precious princess. In this moment, I am content with my Lord Jesus and His word and with the coffee He has rewarded me with for being like a sheep who follows the voice of the Shepherd…

Although the theme of this seminar is “The War Within Flesh vs Spirit”, I still do not truly know what it is that the Lord wants to speak through me and once again... I am waiting for the Lord who knows better and I am excited for what He has to say. Aren’t you?

Rachel Jones, Guest Speaker

Rachel Jones.jpg

It's time to introduce our guest speaker: Rachal Jones, who has a beautiful soul in tune of Lord Jesus for His beautiful brides.

God created us each so unique and unlike anyone else. My heart is to see individuals, as well as the Church, walk in their original created identity. To be who God created them to be and walk in their individual calling. Doing this without reservation and therefore impacting the world in a way only they can!

As a registered nurse, turned natural health advocate, I love helping individuals get to the root of their issues and experience health and healing…mind, body AND soul. After experiencing my own health crisis that left me desperate for healing, I quickly realized that much of our healing and freedom can come by simply accessing what we’ve already been given by our gracious Heavenly Father.

My hope and prayer is that every individual would experience the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and come into the freedom, fullness and purpose that He paid to give them by the promised Holy Spirit. Our guarantee and sealer of our identity!

Cara Belcastro, Testimony

Another beautiful daughter of the King. You may want to come and hear Cara's testimony more than a few words of her bio at the ALL IN Women Seminar.

I am Cara Belcastro, daughter of the King of Kings, wife to Jason, mother to Ella, Zach and Adalynn. Teacher, friend, encourager, Bible reader, and perpetual student.

I enjoy reading (mostly nonfiction), going on walks, planting and watering flowers (though only in the summer!), traveling and music. I love food-especially my husband Jason’s amazing culinary creations! I spend my schoolyear weekdays at the school either teaching my elementary students or in the stands watching one of my two oldest personal children playing football or soccer (or in the car waiting to pick them up from practice!). If I’m not at the school, I am most likely at the barn where my youngest daughter rides and cares for her beloved horse. I love summer days, which are like one long and beautiful weekend! Weekends are for rest and relaxation, enjoying God’s glories in nature and just being with those I love. I am grateful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to be able to experience so much amazingness in this life!

Cara Belcastro.jpg
Marci Burgett.jpg

Marci Burgett, Prophetic Artist

A prophetic art gifted sister in Christ - who will prepare us walk in the entrance with her prophetic art in ALL IN Women Seminar night:

My name is Marci. I have been creating as long as I can remember. I always loved art class and any art related activity in school. Being creative is my happy place and something I enjoy improving on. I love to create songs for my children, multi media pieces and even get creative with my cupcakes. I sincerely believe my creativity is a gift from my God and I am so excited when I get to use my gift for Him. My heavenly Father gives me ideas and mental pictures to create. It has been an exhilarating and satisfying journey for to learn who I am in Him and what my abilities are for. It is a never ending journey of discovery and I can't wait to see what comes next!

Chloe Morrow, Worship

Another beautiful lady - Chole Morrow - who will lead us into the worship with spirit and truth on our ALL IN Women Seminar night:

I was asked to describe my love for worship and I became overwhelmed with the amount of reasons that came to mind.

There is something about worship that is in all of us that God placed there, but if we don’t let it out then the rocks will (Luke 19:40). So, I worship because He is my rock & He deserves it all! I find when the words don’t come in my prayers, I go to worship and just let it all out to Him and He meets me right where I’m at.

Chloe Morrow.jpg
Leslie Wittenmyer.jpg

Leslie Wittenmyer, Prophetic Artist

One of a sister who will come and join us with her gift: Prophetic Art at the October ALL IN Women Seminar.

Hello, my name is Leslie Wittenmyer. Ever since I could pick up a marker and draw, I have loved art. It seems to have always been a part of me. With various trials and the grace of God, I have made it to where I am today. I enjoy painting with acrylics and drawing. I get my inspiration from a creative God and his beauty that surrounds us. I have submitted art to the Columbiana county fair and participated in the Artisans against domestic violence, art exhibit in 2020, 2021, and 2022. This is my second seminar and I have been invited to to use my gifts for the Lord. My hopes are that the Lord would use my gifts to speak prophetically into peoples lives what God needs them to know. I am honored to serve in this manner for my Father, and pray that he would receive all the glory. Amen.

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