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Cassidy Martin Philips

July 6, 2024

1 Peter 1:16, New International Version

“For it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”


Can you be gay and Christian Part One


“Can you be gay and Christian?” I bet you have heard this question thrown around a lot, especially in the past couple decades.


However, to get more in depth at the risk of honest vulnerability, maybe this should no longer be the question we use.


The night after I got saved in 2015 (after over a decade being attracted to the same sex), I had a lot of questions; that being one of them. I remember the Lord boldly, yet calmly spoke these words to me, “I have called you to follow Me into holiness.”


Then came the question that I was afraid to ask but had to for the truth to be known and solidify everything: “Can you be gay and walk in holiness?”


I waited patiently for an answer with preparation of the truth, yet the moment I exhaled the question, my heart started pounding harder and my chest became numb. It terrified me to the core at first. I was afraid that everything could change if He said “No.” But I encountered the One who can answer any question, especially the difficult ones, and answer 100% truthfully but it was up to me to listen. The answer was so real that I couldn't ignore it anymore. I began feeling hungry to understand and be obedient no matter what He said. He invaded my heart that everything not of God had to be evicted. It was stronger than any affection or attraction that I had ever felt before. Afterwards, discernment invaded, and it all began to make sense. God didn't call me into heterosexuality. He called me into holiness. The Holy Spirit became my guide to live and walk in holiness, therefore I realized the truth. There is no compromise when you are completely surrendered to Christ and like He said, “You cannot serve two masters.” (You can try, but eventually one will take over the other.)


Before I move on, I want to clarify and elaborate on exactly what holiness is.


At first, it was extremely hard for me to accept, but I chose the truth even when pain, compromise, and offense tried to form a barrier between them. Offense is a weapon from the enemy used to push back conviction of the Holy Spirit that results in ignorance and close-mindedness.


You first have to open your heart if you really want to know and walk in the truth.

“It's true that some of you once lived in those lifestyles, but now you have been purified from sin, made holy, and given a perfect standing before God—all because of the power of the name of the Lord Jesus, the Messiah, and through our union with the Spirit with our God.” (1 Corinthians 6:11, TPT)


Before I was saved, I believed that you could be a Christian and attracted to the same sex. I met so many people who professed their faith, but were also proud of who they are as a homosexual, bisexual, transgender, etc. After truly accepting Christ into my life, I couldn't understand how. How come I was changed, and they weren't? Is that even fair? Why did I lose my same-sex attraction? Then it was revealed. There are many who claim to know Christ but refuse to give up their ways. Some give only part to God while using the rest to satisfy their temptation.


Toleration is a wall we put up to shun conviction because we truly don't want to be changed by God.


A.W. Tozer explains it like this:

“If your Christian conversion did not reverse the direction of your life, if it did not transform it then you are not converted at all. You are simply a victim of the ‘accept Jesus’ heresy.”


Please come back next week to read Can you be gay and Christian Part Two.

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