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Karen Dias

February 3, 2024

Acts 14:17, (English Standard Version)

“Yet he did not leave himself without witness, for he did good by giving you rains from heaven…”


My Walk with Jesus


In 2015, when I was living in Mumbai during the month of December, there was suddenly some shortage of water supply taking place. It was like a bit of a dry season. Well, it was a Muslim area that God led me to live in during those years. Everyone was kind to me. “God's grace,” I would always say. One of the elderly Muslim ladies and another Hindu lady requested me to pray for rain there. They all knew I was in Jesus at that time, and they felt like telling me to pray for rain. So I took their request to pray for rain. Many times previously, I  prayed for rain and God sent the rain. But this was the first time that people requested me to pray for rain.


It was the month of December when it usually doesn’t rain in Mumbai. So I started to pray for two whole days. It was hot and sunny. And I was praying for rain under the hot weather. I was really wondering if rain was really going to come. I prayed to the Lord, as it was the first time that people ever requested me to pray for rain like this. God started showing me that on the third day it would rain.


On the third day, the Lord woke me up early in the morning at around 4 am. He told me to say a prayer for rain. I said a simple prayer and then fell asleep. At 5 am it started to drizzle. The other girls staying with me woke me up, as they knew I was praying for rain. I woke up surprised and so happy to see the rain drizzling. I went immediately to read the Bible as I was used to reading it most of the time. As I began to read the Bible, it suddenly started pouring rain. The more I read the Bible, the more it poured. For two whole days it was pouring rain. Jesus sent the rain.


The ladies who had requested me to pray were happy, especially the Muslim elderly lady. Her eyes opened to Jesus that day. This is to glorify Jesus, all in His Name. God sent the rain! I am just one of His servants doing His work and according to His will! Glory always to Jesus my Savior!

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