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Life Story - Fred Schrock

We as Christians are blessed with having been adopted into the ‘Family of God’. Ephesians 1:5 (NIV), “He predestined us to be adopted as his children through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will”.

​Adoption is the process of entering into a relationship with someone. This relationship could be one such as an heir, friend, citizen etc. When children are involved it is when a parent voluntarily takes a child or individual as one’s own.

​​Thus, we have our story of how we have taken a young lady named Renee under our wings. We consider her to be our ‘unofficial adopted daughter’ and she considers us to be her ‘unofficial adopted parents’.

Over the years as I, Fred, worked at General Motors in Lordstown I met this wonderful young lady, whom I looked out for at work. Over time we became good friends and we began to develop a relationship of Christian influence. I, along with my wife Jackie, became as parents to her and she as a daughter.

As time went on and the relationship we have deepened, we began identified each other as Dad, Mom and daughter. Our love and caring of one another became more and more personal as Christians. Praying for one another and always wanting to see the best for each other and seeking the will of God for each other. It was a relationship of respect for her biological parents and they with us as we became her ‘adopted’ parents.

She said numerous times that she is double blessed having two sets of parents. We having not had a biological daughter were also deeply blessed. She often said that if she got married, she wanted me to marry her. On Christmas Eve 2018 she got engaged and called that night with such joy in her heart. The first question she had for me was, “Will you marry me?” Of course!

So, on September 30, 2019 I, being ordained as a Christian minister, will be officiating her and her fiancé, Jamie’s wedding. This will also extend our adopted family as Jamie will then became our adopted son-in-law, and we his adopted parents.

The most exciting part was the gift that they gave to me. It is a necktie with an embroidered writing on the back which reads, “Fred, DNA doesn’t make you family love does. Thank you or being my adopted dad”.  Renee 9-3-19

You see being adopted is all about becoming a part of another person’s life, a valued member of family. We have a special wooden plaque on our fireplace which was given to us by Renee one year before her getting married. Its message is ‘The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.”

Whether a part of the “Christian family” as God’s adopted children, or an ‘Adopted family’ through voluntary choice, we are so blessed by personal love for one another. Adoption is a means to build relationships that would otherwise not be available. Thanks be to God for His divine interventions.

Respectfully shared, Dad Fred and mom Jackie Schrock.

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