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How It Works

The ALL IN Movement is designed around a small group format in which a trained group minister leads a group of women in the ALL IN Movement curriculum. This curriculum consists of a series of 24 modules which are designed to build the foundation for women to be ALL IN to the calling of Christ in their lives. Upon completion of these 24 modules, each woman will receive a certificate of completion and can then choose to go further by serving as a group minister to help train and build other women up in their walk with Christ on the ALL IN Women ministry team​.​ 

Small Group Structure

This small group format has been designed as a result of the importance that Christ placed on the relationships between believers. In this format, women can develop close relationships with each other and can be encouraged in their walk as they either progress through the training or help teach others. These small groups may meet in three different ways, in person groups led by a group minister, virtual groups led by a group minister, or video led groups which utilize the video teaching series from co-founder Coria Brock.

Each small group is comprised of one group minister along with the participants. The Bible tells us that "Iron sharpens Iron" and therefore the groups are based on relationships in which there is discussion between the participants. With this in mind the groups should not be too large nor should they be too small. 

​The meeting schedule and meeting frequency is flexible and based on the needs of each individual group. The group minister will work with the group members to develop this schedule and plan. 

Prior to each small group meeting, the participants will have a time to prepare their hearts for what they will experience. The group minister will give them questions and sometimes content for reflection prior to coming to the small group meeting. This allows the participants to have the opportunity to prepare themselves spiritually, mentally, and emotionally for the  small group meeting.

Before The Group Meetings Start

What Happens at The Group Meetings

When the small group meeting begins, the group minister will first open up by allowing participants to share what they experienced during their heart prep prior to the meeting. 

After the heart prep portion is complete, the group minister will then begin the lesson for the meeting. Each lesson is designed to build upon the heart preparation and reveal more to each person about their identity in Christ. It will also help to guide them as they continue their transformation to become more like Christ. 

During the lesson, the group minister will include discussion within the group. The members will share their thoughts and questions about the lesson.

​The final portion of the small group meetings will include a section about application. In this section the group minister will talk about how the participants cannot just learn the content that was presented, but how they can truly apply what they have learned in their lives. The group minister will also present the participants with an activity that they are to work on before the next small group meeting as well as a question for reflection. The activity and the question will help the participants learn to apply what they have learned.

After The Group Meetings End

​​After the small group meeting comes to an end, the participants will begin their "homework". They will work on the activity that was given by the group minister and will also consider the question for reflection. These things will help them deeply seek the Lord and know His heart. In addition to working on the activity and question for reflection, they will also begin the heart preparation work for the next small group meeting. 

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