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Blessing of Bearing Children

Danielle Murphy

December 21, 2022

Have you ever thought of motherhood as your salvation? Yet that is exactly what the scriptures tell us it is in 1 Timothy 2:15, “Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.” 

Before this statement Paul is teaching in his letter to Timothy that women should remain silent, and not teach or usurp man’s authority over her. We all know that this is not a popular concept in the world, and maybe not even in some Christian circles; but if we are to accept the Bible as the authoritative word of God, we would be wise to adhere to it. Have we not proven God to be true in all of His ways, and that’s why we have surrendered to Him to begin with when we accepted His son Jesus Christ as our Savior? When we surrender to ourselves and place God in His rightful place in our heart, we begin to see the natural means for which He created us. What an incredible honor bestowed to women, to be able to carry on Gods crowning creation; man, through pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Surrounding our bodies over to the blessing of bearing children is not all though, we are exhorted in 1 Timothy to continue in faith towards God, charity (or love), and holiness with sobriety. Dear sister, this is indeed a wonderful surrender. I do not mean to mislead you into thinking that all of motherhood is enshrined in glamorous moments, for you are sure to have your fair share of crying, selflessness, and exhaustion; but the bigger picture is what God sees, and wants us to see also.

What about a women who never marries or is not able to have children? Is God’s salvation not available to her? God forbid. God always makes a way for everyone to receive salvation. Remember what the rest of the verse I quoted in 1 Timothy said, “If they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.” Surely God knows the heart of all people and will judge accordingly. A barren or single women is still able to meet these requirements for her salvation.

Dear sister I hope this topic has shed new light on Gods will for you in life, that if you are able to bear children it pleases Him that you would do so. Let no persuasive, deceptive words of man convince you otherwise. 

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