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Be a Part of a Meaningful Story

Danielle Murphy

October 21, 2020

All children from a very early age desire to be part of a grand story. A story in which they play a very important role. The truth is, they are part of a wonderful story, but they need us as their parents to help them find their role.

Sometimes as parents we get so busy that we plug our children into electronics or in front of the T.V. all day long. This is most unfortunate, and our children will quickly begin to feel void of purpose as they watch others have adventures on T.V. day in and day out or live in the unreality of video games. These forms of entertainment are not bad in and of themselves, but the over use of them can be.

I once heard a very powerful story of a father who was able to win back the heart of his daughter who had begun to go astray. She had been dating an older boy who was a very bad influence to her. Her father of course did not approve, but the more he expressed his concern, the more she seemed drawn to this boy. As he shared his heart with a friend, his friend told him that his daughter was living a “bad story” and needed a better, more exciting story to take part in.

The father prayed about it and realized that he, his wife and his daughter really weren’t living any kind of life that had meaning or purpose. He knew that they needed something to do together as a family that would draw them closer, a common goal. After much prayer, he felt led to try and raise money for a local orphanage that their church was supporting in another country. He knew their money was already very strapped and that they would have to get quite creative in order to reach their goal of giving.

At first the news wasn’t well received by his wife and daughter. They had no idea how the goal that he had set would ever be accomplished, but as they learned firsthand about the children that would fill the orphanage, they became more inspired and driven. They worked hard together as a family to raise the funds, and eventually, were able to give the amount they had wanted to give! They were so inspired by the project, that they went on to save even more money so that they could fly over and meet these beautiful children!

The young girl ended up breaking it off with her boyfriend and the family was able to bond together again and feel like part of a wonderful story together. As inspiring and wonderful as this story is, I want to encourage you that it doesn’t have to be this big and grand all of the time. Sometimes it just takes motivating your children in the small things to give them purpose.

Chores are very vital in keeping a child feeling like they are contributing to a bigger picture. We do our children a grave disservice by not allowing them to take part in the family needs as a whole. For example, teach your children to set the table before supper. Teach them to go all out, adding fun little details. This will take effort on your part, and you will have to slow down your own busy life in order to do these kinds of things, but I promise you it will be worth it! You also will begin to feel as though you are part of a bigger picture and you are! You are inspiring and training generations to come!

School work and hobbies are a part of feeling part of something big too. These are skills your children are developing for their future. The same attitude you have towards work and learning new things, will be the same attitude your children have. What kind of an example are you being? Do you need to repent of allowing your days to be full of dullness and void of any real purpose to God, your family and the world? Allow me to end with the verse this article began with, and may you see it with new eyes and find new reason to inspire greatness in yourself as well as your children now!

Proverbs 29:18, KJV “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”​

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