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Life Story - Jason Naylor

The process of forming and living in a blended family certainly has a direct and immediate impact on everyone involved. However, this impact is not limited to the weeks, months, or years surrounding the events. The process of becoming a blended family will affect and influence a person for their entire lifetime. That affect and influence can either be positive or, it can be negative and much of it depends on the attitudes and actions of those involved. To help us look at this topic further we will read a Life Story from Jason Naylor. Jason grew up in blended family and is now a father himself and as a result has an insight into the long-term effects of being a part of a blended family.

​Long term effects of growing up in a blended family can differ depending on many variables. Some young people could benefit greatly if adults who exemplify moral traits surround them. Good stepparents can demonstrate qualities such as love and patience, and they keep a certain level of involvement in a child’s life. This type of support for a child who has divorced parents can make a great difference in their development.

Having divorced parents can be confusing to a young mind. From my own personal experience, parents can seem to fight for affection from their child, by way of pointing out discrepancies of the other parent. This confusion can cause a child to make irrational decisions on their own because they don’t know whom to confide in. This treatment of putting a child in the middle of arguments can deteriorate feelings of trust and confidence, which will stick with that child into their adult years.

In the unlikely event of a parent remarrying a negative type of role model, a child may have to defend themselves against an irrational stepparent and may feel left with no choice but to rebel against all types of authority. This attitude is tough to break in someone who has had an unclear set of guidelines growing up.

Ultimately any one person’s life is dictated by the choices they make on their own, but having a great support group in your parents is definitely a step in the right direction. A positive role model will do everything within their power to keep a loved one out of trouble, whereas a bad role model may not know anything but a less desirable lifestyle. Kids can find other adults to imitate, but it is the parents and stepparents who are the cornerstone of the decisions their children make.

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