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Working Together As One

Christopher Brock

October 21, 2023

Ecclesiastes 4:9, English Standard Version

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.”


Last month I had the opportunity to do some work for someone. I have been working with a friend for about a year helping him with his business and suddenly one of the customers was asking for some help and my friend asked if I could take on the project myself. This was not the first time that God opened unexpected doors for my wife and I to be able to earn some income for our family. So, I went out to start the work and after the first day it became apparent to me that there was going to be a lot of detailed work and with one person it was going to take quite a while to complete. One day, I asked my wife if she thought that maybe she would like to go with me and help. Without hesitating, she said yes. We worked together side by side for three more days and ended up completing the project in half the time it would have taken me if I had been working alone.


It has been a few weeks since we completed the work and as I have reflected on that time together, I believe I have been reminded of several things when it comes to the marriage relationship, as well as our relationship with Christ.


First, we are never alone. The world and the enemy have a way of making us feel isolated and alone. He wants us to feel overwhelmed and defeated and works overtime to try to convince us that there is no one who can help us. In my situation I could have isolated myself and tried to do it all alone. I would have likely gotten it done at some point, but I know it would have been after a lot of frustration and anxiety. But my wife was there for me, just like Christ is always there for me and for each one of us. He has never called us to take on the work alone but is right beside of and ready to help whenever we need it.


Second, we need to ask when we need help. This may sound so simple that it shouldn’t even need to be said, but the truth is, many people don’t receive the help they need simply because they never ask for it. Even though my wife was there beside me and knew the project was going on, if I never asked her to help me with it, she would have never known that I needed help. Christ on the other hand does know. He knows every detail about our lives and exactly what needs to be done. All we need to do is Him! In fact, he wants us to ask Him. He is seeking for us to desire His help, His guidance, and His input in our lives.


Finally, there are few things that draw two people closer together than working side by side. Working with my wife is something that I always look forward to and there is no one else I want to work with more. We build memories together and learn more about each other. And, the same is true when we invite Jesus into our work. When we invite Him into the work that we are doing for Him we will get to know Him more deeply and understand His heart more thoroughly.


What is the lesson then for today? Remember that husband and wife are one, and as such, they share each other’s burdens, fears, and responsibilities. When we are feeling isolated, we must remember that our spouse was a gift from God to help us through the difficult times, just as we are to do the same for them. We must also remember that this is also a picture of the way that Jesus is there for us. Even if everyone else has left us, He will never leave us or forsake us. He is our Savior, our Friend, our Helping, our Comforter, and our King. If you are feeling overwhelmed and alone, run to your Friend and your Father and He will come to work with you.

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