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Who Fulfills You?

Christopher Brock

June 21, 2022

Psalms 145:15-16

“The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food in due season. You open your hand; you satisfy the desire of every living thing.”

I am not fulfilled by my wife. And, I can say with certainty that my wife would tell you that I do not fulfill her. Now, for those who read this that do not know my wife and I you might immediately be concerned for our marriage and start to think that we have pretty deep marital issues. But here is the cold hard truth, I am incapable of meeting all the needs of my wife and she is incapable of meeting my needs. We can never truly satisfy each other.

The world tends to view a marriage as a relationship which is supposed to bring completion to the man and the women who are in the relationship. They are meant to satisfy each other in every way and bring joy into each other’s lives. But what happens when they start to realize that they cannot? What happens when the husband begins to make mistakes or the wife begins to act in error? According to the world, then they are not compatible because they are not fulfilling the needs of their spouse. What a tremendous amount of pressure! To be in a situation in which, if I do not perform up to the expectation and meet the need, then I will be let go and discarded. This is not the intent of marriage. We were never meant to bring satisfaction and fulfillment into each other’s lives.

My wife and I have both come to understand the truth, Jesus Christ is the only one who can meet and fulfill all of our needs. It is because of this truth that we do not look to each other for our satisfaction and fulfillment. We know that if we seek this from each other and begin to expect it, we will not only find disappointment, but we will also bring condemnation to each other. So instead of seeking to find fulfillment in each other, we look to Christ together as the source of our joy, our contentment, and our satisfaction. We know that He is the source of our love and He is the one who can supply all of our needs.

What are you the expectations that you have for your husband or wife? Do you expect them to be the source of your joy and the fulfill all of your needs? Do you blame them when they fall short of this expectation, which without exception they will? If this sounds familiar then it is time to begin looking towards the only One who can truly satisfy. Turn your eyes to Jesus because He is the true source of satisfaction and fulfillment. When we begin to seek Him in this way, not only will it bring true satisfaction and fulfillment into our own lives, but it will bring more joy and contentment into our marriage than we could have ever brought to ourselves.

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