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The Wife of Noble Character

Coria Brock

March 21, 2021

By the will of God, I am serving in women’s ministry and have opportunities to engage with many women. One thing I have realized is that many of them do not know or do not want to talk about the “Wife” which is written about in Proverbs 31. This seems to be true no matter if they are married or single. If I need to make a conclusion about this, it would simply be that the mindsets of women are different. Because of that difference, the understanding of the words become different. Their values and how they view themselves directly impact what they believe they deserve and who they feel they should become. And this is true for both their role in their family and in their community.​

Does this mean they do not want to be “A wife of noble character and she is worth far more than rubies”? Does they desire that, “Her husband has full confidence in her” or “Her husband is respected”? Do they want themselves to be “clothed with strength and dignity, laugh at the days to come”? Or to be a women who “speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.”? Do they hope that “Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her”? If they (We) are all honest concerning those questions, the answer would be an absolute yes. The difference (Again, the difference) is that they believe they each have a better way than the way the Bible shows. Simply because they believe the time has changed and because we are now in this modern century, the requirements, the view, the appreciation, and the value of women are no longer the same. Because of this, even the word should be adjust in order to fit in to this present time. But, should it be? No it should not.

I understand how many decades and century’s women have been look down upon, how they have had their human rights taken away, and how they have not been respected as they should. Yet, this has not been caused by the word of God. Instead, it is the result of how mankind has abused “truth”, “grace”, and “love”… all good things God has given us. Before we move forward in talking about “The Wife of Noble Character”, you may need to ask yourself one fundamental question, “Do I believe God’s word is true and righteous?” If God’s word is active and alive, true, perfect, then should we not heed it, seek to understand it, and strive to live our life according to it? I fully believe this is the way for a better life, a true life!

Back to the topic… if we do desire to be a wife worthy of rubies, and a wife who does not lack anything… if we do desire our husband be respected everywhere he goes, and that our children called us blessed and our husband gives us praise... if we do strive to be a woman who has strength, dignity, and wisdom… a wife who is faithful and can laugh no matter what the day may bring… then the question is, how can we become this “Woman”? The “Wife” of noble character in the sight of God? There is only one way, to humbly learn what God is telling us. If we humble ourselves and are willing to ask for the wisdom, to seek understanding, to reject the world’s definition of who we are, and embrace the true power of the word of God, then we will begin to receive the truth concerning the issues that we are facing in our marriage.

So, what does the “Wife” in Proverbs 31 look like? Is it a wife who knows how to “holds the distaff and grasps the spindle with her fingers”? Is it a wife who has “clothed all of her household in scarlet”? I would like to share with you the insight that the Holy Spirit has placed into my mind…

A wife of noble character …

  1. Pays attention to the needs of her family and serves them in every detail (verse 13-14, 21-22)

  2. Consider others before herself and always manages her responsibilities well (Verse 15, 18, 27)

  3. Spends wisely and lives productively (Verse 16-17, 19, 24)

  4. Give what she has been blessed with (Verse 20)

  5. Respect her husband, assists him, and values him (Verse 23)

  6. Focuses on the things that are right, both in her word and work (Verse 26)

  7. Live for the beauty of her heart rather than her outward appearance (Verse 30)


In addition to all these, she humbles herself with reverence to the Lord. By doing these things she receives “honor for all that her hands have done, and her works bring her praise at the city gate.”

My dear sister in Christ, may you be blessed through the understanding of what God created a woman for, and the understanding of what it means to be a noble wife.

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