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Seeing Me Through God's Eyes

Coria Brock

May 21, 2020

This was my prayer, a prayer I made to God, “Abba, the man You have prepared for me, may he see me through Your eyes”. Then one day, a man who is the son of a pastor I am friends with from the US, messaged me through Facebook Messenger and sent invitation to be my friend on Facebook. This is the man who I have now been married to for five years, he is my husband and I am his wife. When we first met, we lived far apart, on opposite sides of the earth.

The story of how we met and were married has been interesting to many people, and for those who do not know Christ, it was like a fairy tale. It all happened in only seven months, from the time we first met until the time we finally walked down into the aisle and made our commitment to each other before God. Six of seven months we were lived apart, but I knew him with my soul and in my spirit more deeply than I had ever known anyone.

The second day we knew each other, he sent me a message which made me cried. I was walking through the subway corridor and there were many people around me...I mean many. On that day we had been messaging back and forth from the time I stepped my foot out from the building I lived in. The conversations we had included many things, from the differences in where we each lived, to our favorite movies. Suddenly, the tone of his messages changed. He mentioned how odd his next message may be, but he could not take it lightly because he was being led by the Holy Spirit. The core of his message to me was about my desire of my husband, the man I would fall in love with, and how he would see me through the eyes of God. “How could he know the secret between me and my Lord!” I knew in my heart the reason why, but I was still shocked and the touch I felt from the words in this message were too strong. I could not even take another step. I was standing right in the middle of the crowd and began to cry. On just the second day we knew each other, with one message, I received an undeniable confirmation from God that he is the man who God had prepared for me.

During our ‘dating time’, we may have never gotten to hold hands and take a walk down to the shore in the evening. We may have never gotten to enjoy popcorn and watch a movie in the theater. We may have never gotten to go on a date together, or had dinner together, or had a coffee together, but we shared every part of our lives with each other. Our low points, our failures, our weaknesses…and our hope. We felt each other so closely even though we were more than ten thousand miles apart. One morning, I could see in his messages that he was struggling with something. At that very moment the Holy Spirit came to me. I began telling him how I felt my spirit standing in his house and I saw him walking around. I told him I was knocking on his table and hoped he knew I was right there. Then I encouraged him not to be afraid and to share with me what was bothering him, because there was no distance between our hearts. No matter what parts of our past we shared, or what present struggles we had, we viewed them through God’s prospective, not our flesh. 

Days passed and there was not even one day we ever missed to talk with each other. We also realized a very important thing. We realized that he was the missing piece for the plan God has for me, and I was the same for him.

On the day I was being interviewed at the U.S. Embassy to receive a fiancé’ visa, the lady who was reviewing my case asked me a question, “How could you marry a man you have only known for few months, especially one who lives so far away from you? How can you be so sure you can trust him?” I didn’t even hesitate one second and replied, “I do not trust in man, not even him, but I trust in my Lord Jesus. He is the man who God has brought to me.” So, for the rest of the interview she only wanted to hear about the testimony of this love story, the story God made.

Do all these good, sweet, and beautiful stories and memories promise us that we will have a good marriage? Having a Godly marriage requires non-stop efforts, and continues learning and building. It requires that we continually see our spouse through the perspective and eyes of God.

We both went through a failed marriage in the past and we loved in a wrong way. We fell, we got up, and we moved forward again. But, the best part is, we are not moving forward alone. We move step by step and side by side with Jesus who teaches us the value of love and strengthens our capacity to love. When the hurt of the past comes back to me, or brings fear into my mind, instead of fighting those thoughts, I sit down and relax. I allow the feelings to naturally flow through like a stream. I then feel the love of Jesus as another stream flowing through me and toward me. When the streams cross, I am comforted and the peace rests upon me, I view the hurt in the prospective of God sights. At last, I awake with new angle of what was happening, and I am healed and restored. When I encounter situations on the present that also bring me sadness I do the same thing. Because of this, I love my husband and know that Jesus loves Him in the same way that Jesus love me.

My husband may have a different way to face the challenges of building our relationship together than I do. But, one thing I am certain of that, As God promised me – he sees me through the eyes of God!

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