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Coria Brock

September 16, 2023

Acts 16:6, New Living Translation

“Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia.”

From the time Jesus took me under His wings, He began to teach me to follow His voice and know that the Holy Spirit is my guide and teacher. Whether I open up the Bible to seek truth, ask the Lord about the next mission trip, or simply ask Him if I should buy a shirt, I must pay attention to the Holy Spirit to show me. After a certain period of time, the relationship I had with the Holy Spirit grew deeper. He became my close friend; the One I listen to. I close my eyes and I see Him – just as I seek and see Jesus. (A simple note: the Holy Spirit and the Word, Jesus, work hand to hand. They are never in disagreement, instead, they are always in unity. If anyone is chasing after the Spirit but not the Word, then they should be aware of what spirit they are after.)

As Paul mentioned time after time, the Holy Spirit showed him the direction to go, and where not to go. It is the same as how the Holy Spirit directs my steps. Let me put it this way:

If you know how to follow a traffic light, you should realize it’s a very similar concept to following the Holy Spirit. I don’t mean you are literally going to see a light in front of you, however let me share one of my experiences with you. 

Several years ago, I was asking the Lord for confirmation about a possible new way to serve. I was literally asking Him, “Should I go or should I not?” As I approached the next road, I looked up and the traffic light was green. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “It’s green.” As the trip approached, the Lord proved to me that the green light was a sign from Him and I went on the work.

Although this was an experience God used with me, it is not my intent for you to take it as though this is how the Holy Spirit works. On the contrary, I want you to understand how important it is to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Exactly like you follow a traffic light, both as a driver or a pedestrian. You will pay attention to it, and you will obey it. It’s not about the color you see, but the meaning for you to follow. If you stop when you see the traffic light turns red, then you should stop when the Holy Spirit asks you to. If you see the light turn yellow, it means you should either be ready to go or prepare to stop (depending on which country you are in). It is no different when the Holy Spirit gives you an insight into something or some situation that you need to be aware of. And, if you take action to move forward when you see the green light, you should also be courageous and have faith when the Holy Spirit calls you to go. The question remains, you may ask how you can know what the instruction will be from the Holy Spirit? The answer is: pay attention with a heart that is willing to obey!

When you pay attention to the Holy Spirit, He will surely make the Father’s will be known to you. And when you make the decision to follow and obey, He will be there to help you accomplish what you have been asked to do. When you listen and obey, there is no accident that can happen to you, but you will have protection from above. So, will you humble yourself and let the Holy Spirit lead you and guide you in all aspects of your life?

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