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Pastor Christopher Brock

January 20, 2024

Matthew 28:19 English Standard Version

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

There is no doubt that God has given us many things to do with our time here on earth. We are called to be a witness to those who do not yet know Christ as their savior. We are all in some way called to be an evangelist. But, the work does not stop there. We are to seek to make disciples of other people. To be a disciple means that a person is actively seeking to be transformed to become more like Christ. This cannot be something that is forced. In order for a person to be a disciple they must choose and desire to be one. We desire to instill the love and passion that we have for Jesus in the hearts and minds of other people.


The one thing that is an absolute requirement in order for us to accomplish this task is that we are disciples of Jesus ourselves. This means that we cannot simply say what needs to be done, we must be actual doers of it. We must live out the principles that Christ taught us, and we must be committed to growing closer to Him.


Being a disciple and having a disciple also means sharing our lives together. We cannot ignore the need for a relationship, and we must actively pursue the relationships we have with each other. A person cannot be a disciple of another person if they do not communicate or share their lives together. We must seek first to be a disciple of Jesus and then we must seek to share our lives together with other people. Through this they will see the change that the Holy Spirit is causing in our own lives, and we will see the change that is taking place in theirs. This will encourage us to grow even closer to the Lord and continue our pursuit of Him.


One of the main tactics that the enemy uses against the Body of believers is division and isolation. He desires to see brothers and sisters in Christ separating from one another. He does not want to see unity in the Church, and He works overtime to ensure that it does not happen. Let us remember to always seek to be in relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ and seek harmony. When the true disciples of Christ are working together according to the will of the Lord there is nothing that can stop them.

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