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Pastor Christopher Brock

December 9, 2023

Matthew 6:24a, New Living Translation

“No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other…”

The blunt truth is this, the amount of compromise that is in the church and in the lives of the believers is staggering. So many people would follow in the footsteps of the rich man who wanted to follow Jesus but was left saddened because Jesus told him that in order to follow Him, he would need to give up all that he had. When we think about the daily lives of many who believe we could actually in fact say that they are living a double life. They like to go to church on Sunday and volunteer in a charity event during the week. They like the way it feels to think about heaven and believe that they will be going there and not going to hell. They enjoy relationships with other believers and feel that they have a complete life. However, this is only one half of their life. When they aren’t at church or “doing ministry work” they will go back to their other life. They plan their career, they plan for their family, they build their retirement accounts, they upgrade their house, their cars, and the kitchen appliances. They plan their vacations and leisure time around the places they want to go and the things they want to do. They are comfortable. They have, or are in the process of obtaining, all the comforts that they hope to gain and, because they go to church and help out, they believe they have eternity covered as well.


Is there anything wrong with going to church on Sunday or working in a charity or advancing your career? No, there is nothing wrong with these things, however, we must go deeper and examine the motives of the heart. The fundamental truth that is missing in this otherwise ideal life is that Jesus does not want or require it to be only a part of our lives. No, Jesus does not want to simply be involved in every part of our life, Jesus wants and requires that He becomes the very foundation on which every part of our life is built. Placing Jesus as the foundation of our lives means that in all things, we submit to Him and our desire is that His will be done. We should hope to please Him above all other things. If you are a parent, or understand the relationship between parent and child, can you imagine the joy and happiness your heart would feel to see your child come to you with the desire to do nothing but please you? To know that they consider you and seek you to be in their lives? How would you respond to your child if they were to come to you and love you like that?


I challenge you to sincerely examine your life. Do not simply go about your day to day life without seeking the Lord. Let Christ become your foundation. Go to Him in all things and seek what He would have you do. Follow the guidance that He provides to you. Do not continue to compartmentalize your life and keep areas away from Him. Let Him have complete control of everything! The time has come to no longer compromise but instead, to lay down our lives to the One who, while we were still sinners, gave His own life so that we may live.

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