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Be Respectful

Coria Brock

November 21, 2021

In the culture I grew up in, people use to have an activity before the wedding in which the groom had to complete a challenge in order to be able to marry the bride in the wedding ceremony. Then, after the wedding ceremony, members of the bridal party would prepare more tasks for the bride and groom to complete. The aim of this activity is simply – for fun. After I moved to United States, I recognize there is not a big difference here either.​

Rather than do it at the wedding ceremony, they do it at the bridal shower or at the wedding reception. These traditions may be common in the cultures they exist in, but I am not one to participate in them. For to me, my husband should be fully respected, both by me, and by those who we engage with.

Am I taking things too seriously? Maybe… but one thing I have not stop learning is to guard my mouth and think about what I am about to say before I say it. There should never be a reason for us to enjoy watching other people laugh at our spouse. We should also never seek to gain sympathy or support from others by sharing something about our spouse that will embarrass them or that is disrespectful to them. What I want to say is this, we should always be sincere when it comes to our spouse and make every effort to be respectful at all times. This even includes how we dress and present ourselves.

Christ is our bridegroom and we are His bride. The day that we experience our wedding with Him will be the day filled with glory. Nothing will be able to compare to the beauty, the atmosphere, and the holiness of that day. The relationship between a husband and wife should always desire to reflect this same degree of beauty, to bring God’s glory, and to remain holy in Him. Remember, God chose us to be called His people; the husband to be called His son, and the wife to be called His daughter.

Do not follow the pattern of this world, nor take the instructions of the Word of God lightly. Every Word in the Bible is sincere, and He expects us to follow them wholeheartedly. The husband is to love his wife just like Christ loves the church and the wife should desire her husband just as the church desires Christ. Both of these actions begin with respectful love.

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