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Heidi Davis and Dianna Isabella

September 16, 2023

Psalms 6:2, English Standard Version

“Be gracious to me, O Lord, for I am languishing; heal me, O Lord, for my bones are troubled.”

God’s Healing Part One

(Heidi Davis)


Please stop waiting in line for the pastor to lay hands on you. 

Please stop asking “permission from the pastor” to lay hands on someone when the Lord has told you to do so. 

Please stop thinking only some have been given the gift of healing. 

Please stop thinking you have to attend a healing crusade to get healed. 

Stop it. 

You don’t need a line - you need someone willing to walk in obedience. 

You don’t need permission from leadership to do what the Lord has told you to do. 

It’s not “the gift of healing” it’s the gifts of healing and they are about the person who needs to be healed. 

God will heal when He wants, where He wants, how He wants, and through whom He pleases. 

Now…read the testimony from my dear friend below. 

Healed by the hands of a seven-year-old foster child who has been to church four times in his little life. 

God will use the foolish to confound the wise! 

(Dianna Isabella)

One week ago, yesterday, I made a trip to the walk-in clinic at my doctor’s office because I was having severe, debilitating pain and swelling in my cervical spine, left shoulder, and neck that had been present for the greater part of two months and was progressively becoming worse. Imaging studies were ordered, and the report came out on Thursday of last week.

I don’t typically share my medical information or the things I am going through to this extent, but this time, it’s more than necessary. From the initial report dated 8/17 that there was mass damage present in my cervical spine, joints, and facets and there was a “discreet misalignment” noted as well in the findings. It was explained to me that the “reversed cervical lordosis” seen meant that my spine had shifted from a forward curvature to a backwards curvature and was directly related to the misalignment present and a result of the constant severe muscle spasms I was experiencing in this area.

This was all a direct result of the cervical spine injury I experienced back in May of 2019. The degenerative changes noted had progressed severely from the reports that existed in 2019 and were a result of all the damage and pressure being placed on my vertebrae, discs, and my cervical area in general. Prior to this report, degenerative changes had only been noted in C4-C5 and C5-C6. You can see from the report last week that it was now affecting my entire cervical spine from C2-C7 and part of my thoracic spine as well at T1 level.

I was utterly beside myself when I received this report last Thursday and went to a place of fear of what was to come. The enemy was in my head telling me I was going to lose all mobility, I was going to have to have surgery (which was the original recommendation back in 2019 that I refused), and I was no longer going to be able to do life as I always have and continue serving in the capacity that I do. He was declaring a life of limitation and pain while deep inside, I could still hear the voice of my Father speaking of a life of healing, fullness, serving (which is my heart) and abundance. Two very opposite declarations. One a complete lie, the other, absolute truth.


Fast forward to Sunday morning when I woke with excruciating pain in my cervical spine and zero mobility in my neck. I literally could not turn my head to the left and was in so much pain that I cried. Despite this, I still got up, got myself together, and headed to church. When I arrived and was pulling into the parking lot, one of my best friends on the planet was in the parking lot getting out of her car, and she said when she saw me, she knew immediately that something was very wrong. She carried the dessert trays I had prepared into church for me and immediately, my pastor’s wife came over to me, held me, and prayed over me while I could do nothing more but stand there in tears.

Please come back next week to read God’s Healing Part Two

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