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Bren Ward

October 21, 2023

John 3:29, English Standard Verse

“The one who has the bride is the bridegroom. The friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly at the bridegroom's voice. Therefore this joy of mine is now complete.”

A Prophecy Part Three


The scene changed. In my spirit, I saw His Bride was brought to an enclosed garden; an abiding place, where she was separated to become alone with her Bridegroom, so their love might grow and thus transform her and ultimately others through their union. As she entered the garden prepared for them, I saw the angel of the Lord standing there guarding the entrance with a fiery sword in hand. He smiled and presented it to her saying: "Now the two shall become as one." This garden instantly changed into a bridal chamber. It became a garden of life, where spiritual children would come forth through her time alone in intimacy with her Bridegroom, as they supped together on the spiritual food Father had prepared for them before the foundations of the world.


When the scene changed before me, I became one with her in the spirit realm and I knew her heart. Upon entering and taking the sword in hand, she was impressed immediately how much she was not one with her Bridegroom. In her passion to give Him her whole self she was grieved that she had not received more of Him in return. 'So much love yet to be given', she thought. She had spent years with Him, even so they were not as a couple who through years of intimately knowing one another they had come to know the others’ next thought & intent, without having to ask. She had become aware of her need for their love to grow and mature through a deeper union. She recognized her love had been based upon feelings of excitement and delight in discovering His love and all it offered, yet her sorrow quickly changed to joy as she understood, in her now she had been brought to this place of abiding in His eternal love, through Him and their Father! No matter what happened, all would be well with her Soul, for this had been a part of His plan all along. There was no condemnation, He was rejoicing over her with singing. In response she humbly cried out, "If it pleases You my Love, awaken our love anew, stir up our love my Lord, that the two of us shall surely walk as one through our union."


Immediately, I saw Him building His Holy Temple! I saw the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb as His Temple came on earth. It became her abiding place of rest. His secret place of eternal light and love for her. She was resting in His love; it had been His only requirement. By His abilities and His grace alone, she would watch Him build the temple, with complete trust, as only He and He alone knew it was to be done. Then truly when the capstone was finally set in place she would shout, "Grace! Grace!", for indeed with grace and grace alone it would be accomplished through the two having become one.


Next, I became aware, Father God Himself was raising up a new breed of apostles and prophets who would be going forth with His unlimited power, called like John the Baptist and Elijah, as witnesses to His own and those who would respond to His love. They were calling for repentance and openness, “The Kingdom of God has come! It is here among you and within. Destroy your idols. Open your Spirits to His love anew! A double portion anointing has been released. The early rains and the latter rains have arrived together. Receive that which His Spirit offers you! Look no longer to man first. Receive from His Spirit awakened within you." It was then I understood His bride would answer His call to come away to a season of sanctification so she could be alone with Him empowering her to receive from His Spirit directly, no longer putting her trust in a man or man's system. She would trust Him and in her Father's unfolding plan as her greatest act of worship, honoring them with her surrendered life in the Spirit. Through the uniting of their hearts, she would accept and embrace those who are lost as seeds within the womb of life, yet to be brought forth, in His timing, through His new ways; birthed through love and a deep peace from within. I knew and understood, Christ Himself would be Lord with His bride at His side, through their spiritual union; for His Spirit had brought her to the place of wanting it so, through mutual love.



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