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Coria Brock

November 18, 2023

Matthew 6:26, English Standard Version

“Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”


Does God care?


This is another little story the Lord had me write about my life.


When I first believed in Christ I owned a media and marketing company. We produced shows, did graphics design, marketing, event planning... And one of the requirements of working in that industry was to dress accordingly.


Anyone who knows me will know that fashion and makeup are not my favorite things. So, God sent skillful people to help.


On the company's first year anniversary I wanted to have a celebration. Being in the media industry, that kind of event could have a big impact in the market. Yet, the cash flow required was not there and because of that, I did not mention this desire to anyone.


One day, I went to meet the owner of a restaurant chain. He asked me, "Do you have any plans for the one-year anniversary of your business?" I told him about the financial situation and surprisingly he said, "I have a new restaurant opening and it's specifically built for big events. It has the latest audio and video systems and the capacity for over two hundred people. I would like if you would have your anniversary dinner there, a full banquet with services for free. I just want it to be a blessing. Would you accept my offer?"


I absolutely said yes! The cost of that kind of event would have been over HK$50,000 (US $6200). How could that happen? But God!


As the days passed and time drew near to the party date I found myself  interviewing a well-known model on a beauty show. She offered to give me a ride home after the show and on the drive she asked me, "What will you wear for the party?" Again, I honestly told her that I had not prepared anything, and I didn't think I had a budget for myself to get an outfit for that night. God gave me another surprise. She said, "Come with me and I will show you some of the outfits I have." As she was picking out different outfits for me to see, I had a vision from God of a dress. You guessed it, right? One of the dresses she brought to me was the exact dress I saw in the vision. I tried it on and it fit perfectly! How could it even be the perfect size? But God!


The day before the party, the sponsor of a hair salon and a star-makeup artist both called me and said they would like to help me with my hair and face. Who am I that they would care how I look and call me? But God!


On the day before the event,, I was thinking in my mind... "Everything is so great, but my fingernails are awful." (I like to keep them very short)  The next morning, on the day of the party, one of my employees went into my office and she showed me a pack of fake nails. She said, "Boss, I was walking past a shop yesterday evening, and I saw this and I painted them black. Would you allow me to give them to you as a little blessing for the party?"


My whole outfit was black (as usual). How perfect, right?


The tears were rolling down my face at that moment... Who am I that God cares so much, even my tiny fingernail!


It's not about whether I deserve it or not, but that God loves me enough to show me that He cares!


My dear friends, do you know God cares? And He cares for you!

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