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Miranda Zibert

May 25, 2024

Genesis 49:26, New King James Version

“The blessings of your father Have excelled the blessings of my ancestors, Up to the utmost bound of the everlasting hills…”


How does one fix such a broken cycle?


We see in Scriptures generational curses and blessings go from one generation to the next…


We see that lived out within our families... what we do in moderation, our children will do to excess.


Drinking a few beers with some friends on a weekend may lead to your child drinking every day after work, which in turn may lead to their children's alcoholism.


An exaggeration or a procrastination of truth quickly turns into a giant lie.


A lustful eye may lead the next generation to pornography addiction. Leading to adulterous marriages and broken homes.


Dishonor of authority quickly turns to lawlessness which results in consequences.


Whatever giant is not slain in one generation by the Lord, will just be transferred to the next generation. So, what we choose to avoid, we are leaving to our children and grandchildren to battle.


So back to the question.... How does one fix such a broken cycle?


Surrender to Him. Obey Him.


If what we do in moderation, our children do it to excess. Imagine what had we leave our children with if they see stability, love, honor, humility, honesty, worship, praise, and so on?


Sometimes we all need a reminder:


We may not be responsible for what is passed onto us; however, we are responsible for what's activated.


Break the cycle. Slay the giants. It's worth it.


By the way, this photo I see a dad who is healing. Who chooses Jesus every day. And a little boy who will live out the benefits because his father chose Jesus to heal him!

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