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Elaine Gardner

June 8, 2024

Matthew 116:26, New International Version

“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?”


My husband is a very hard worker and works long hours some days. He is in recovery and attends quite a few meetings during the week, which is awesome! I found myself thinking one day, "I am going to ask him not to go to a meeting because I want to spend time with him." I mentioned it and he agreed. So, the next day when he came home from work and sat down, I looked at the clock and said if you need to go to a meeting tonight, go ahead. He looked at me and said I really need to go. So, he did, came home after, and we still got to spend our time together.


Last weekend, I attended a Fitness event, and it was amazing, but there were a couple things at this event that didn't sit well in my soul. I opted out of participating in one of the things because I didn't feel like it lined up with my belief system. A couple people said I was probably being goofy and overreacting, but I felt that I was doing what God wanted me to do.


So, I gave both of those examples to show how the enemy can use anything and anyone to distract us from what God has for us. The enemy will look for any cracked window, a slightly opened door... anyway to weasel his way back in. What if my husband was really struggling that day and satan had planted that idea in my mind to distract my husband from going to a meeting because I selfishly wanted his time? What if I had listened to other people and gave in to what I felt that the Lord was telling me and participated in that activity and allowed things in my spirit that didn't have any business there?


I am not saying that what works for me will work for everyone. We all have different struggles and different temptations. Satan knows that if he puts a can of beer in front of me, I will not be tempted and not pick it up and drink it, the devil knows that is my husband's weakness. Satan knows that I love health and fitness and I'm trying to use it in a way to give God glory, so wouldn't that be the perfect time and place for him to tempt me?


When you are feeling convicted about something, don't look to others for their thoughts and opinions. If you seek the Holy Spirit, He will speak to you and guide you. Open the Bible and let it talk to you! The Devil won't come to you as a scary man with horns in a pitchfork. He's going to present himself as everything that you think you want in this world and that is when we have to remember that, although we are living in this world, this is just our temporary home. And what does it profit a man to gain the world, but lose his soul?

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