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Kerry Lytle

September 16, 2023

Psalm 34:18, New Living Translation

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed." 

Recently I was working in the nursery at church, and I was coloring with a little boy about four years old. He showed me a broken crayon and said, "Look, Miss Kerry, we can't use this one, it's broken." I explained that it still can be used even though it was broken in half. That got me to think about how we think we can never be used in our brokenness because we are, well, too broken. The Lord shows us that that couldn't be further from the truth.

Did you know that not only can God heal your heart, but He can also use the tragedies of your life for good? That He will use them for good? I know because my life has been an example of that. Every pain or struggle I have gone through; He has somehow turned around for His glory.

Because of sin, we will experience pain and loss. It's inevitable. People will hurt us. Sometimes in very grievous ways. God never promised that our lives would be easy, but if we are his, he does promise to use our pain for our good and his glory.

We all at some points have been broken, some more than others. Trials and unexpected problems have worn us out, leaving us feeling depleted with nothing left to give, making us feel useless and unworthy.

But in my personal experience, even when I had hit rock bottom, God somehow met me in that dark broken place. He patiently spoke worth in me, building me over again. Took each broken, shattered piece and put it back together again, even better than it was before. And looking back, I now realize the value of brokenness. That there are some things God can only do in us when we are broken.

So, what exactly can God do with our brokenness?

He can build our character. When we are broken, we are open and more willing to listen to God. God uses this moment to reveal defects in our character that would otherwise be difficult to see. And because we are willing to see those flaws, we are now able to ask God to help us have victory.

Our brokenness can bring us closer to God. When I was at the point of beyond broken, I felt the Lord so close to me like never before. 

Our brokenness can show us our purpose. All throughout the Bible, we see the people of God rise and do great things after they have fallen. 

This still applies today. God transforms the most broken, sinful moments of our lives into something that gives Him glory. He cleans us up, clothe us in His righteousness, helps us gain clarity and focus, and puts us on the right path. 

God can use our brokenness as a testimony to what He can do in people's lives. One of the biggest ways a Christian can share the gospel is through sharing their story. The believer's testimony of what God has done in their life is necessary to spread the good news. Testimonies give hope and strengthen faith. Our testimony is evidence of God’s faithfulness and his redeeming power. It helps believers and nonbelievers see physical evidence of what God can do in someone’s life. It is the message of Christ made visible for all to see and believe that he “has come to set the captives free.”

Your testimony, your childhood, your experiences will be used to glorify him and encourage others. Allow God to use your life to bring hope to His people.

We need to trust that He is good even when your life is filled with bad. He is working in the brokenness. He doesn't get tired of brokenness and He's always right on time to build us up. He is for you, and He is faithful.

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