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Kerry Lytle

June 22, 2024

Psalms 119:105, New Living Translation

"Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path."

When was the last time you needed to use a flashlight? I am guessing your answer will include some variation of "dark" or "darkness".


On any given day, you probably encounter more darkness than you do truth - both internally, and externally. So, if you are going to move forward, to make your way without danger, and get to where you are meant to go, you need something to light your way.


It doesn’t matter how dark the night seems, how long and winding the path or how far your flashlight allows you to see. The Lord will light your way, and He knows exactly how much light you need on the journey. No matter what dark place you are currently navigating, God is also there, lighting the way.


There’s no need to linger in the darkness or doubt, no need to wonder who’s watching or to be discouraged by the path you are on.



We could be facing the darkest valley, the darkest time of our lives, but we may be surprised with what we are able to navigate because of God’s light and presence in our lives — if only we focus on the light, allowing it to be our guide. We must not allow our own strength to light our way.


The Lord will dispel the darkness from your life. He lights our path and gives us the ability to take another step. The Lord provides all the light we need for the journey. 


The Flashlight is the Holy Spirit, specifically the work of the Spirit where He illuminates the meaning of Scripture. Like in the same way a flashlight helps us see things we cannot, the Spirit enables us to understand the Bible in a way we could not apart from His help. You need light for your marriage and in your parenting. You need light for your job and your relationships with your neighbors. You need light for your struggles with desires and temptations.


You need light to help you deal with the unexpected. You need light to cope with new difficulties that emerge. You need light for when you have been sinned against. You need light to deal with weaknesses of the body and hardships of the heart.


You need light for those moments when you are alone and overwhelmed. You need light for all those unknowns that will show up on your doorstep tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and for the rest of your life. You don't need to bloody your nose and bruise your toes by bumping into trees and tripping over roots. And you don't have to grope around fearfully in the darkness. The Light of the world has graced you with the light of His Word! It will shine around your feet in the midst of the darkness, so you don't need to stumble.  


What God is telling me is that I cannot understand the Bible on my own. The Bible is a spiritual book and I need the Spirit's help to understand it. I don't know about anyone else, but I need the Spirit's help every time I open my Bible. Every time I open the Bible, I have access to the very Spirit of God to help me understand it.


We can be encouraged knowing His light is leading us toward all He has in store for us up ahead!

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