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Life Story - Danielle Murphy

​​​Divorce. A word and action I never knew could have such a lasting effect on me. Today God is using it for my good, but in the past it seemed only to mark me with feelings of pain, despair and defeat. What kind of an influence does divorce have on children? Can anything good come out of such a devastating situation?

I believe that in every child— and person for that matter—there is a deep longing to be part of something great. The first potential for greatness is found in the family unit. Before God blessed and ordained government or even the church, He first commissioned the human race to be fruitful and multiply. In the family unit comes great potential, but with love also comes potential for great disaster and heartache.

The family unit is, for the most part, where children begin to form their ideas about love, forgiveness, faithfulness, etc. Their very foundation of these great issues are being formed the moment they are born into a family. We know that there is much loss in the world, that nothing is as it should be (Romans 8:19-22). Our very souls confirm it every time we hear of a tragedy or loss and our hearts sink. Yet what is God but hope and light amongst this dark land that has been stained by the sin of all mankind? He is indeed the very reason we can find any hope at all, any reason to rejoice and sing praises.

If you have been marked by divorce, either by your parents or in your own relationship, take heart! God’s desire is to redeem every tragedy! He is the God of life and healing and this area of our lives needs touched by Him! Those wounds are real and run deep. We need our hope restored! We need to be cleansed by His truth and righteousness!

One way that the Lord has used the divorce of my parents for my good is in causing it to be one of the main things that inspires me to fight for my marriage. Seeing how easy it can be to give up and go our separate ways, the divorce of both of our parents has proven to be one of God’s biggest tools He uses to “sober” us up when we are struggling to get along. God can use any circumstance for our good! When we stop fighting is when we are in the most dangerous place before the Lord and others .( 1 Timothy 6:12, KJV “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.”) Faithfulness, hope and love are worth pursuing, and with God’s help we can achieve these things in our lives.

Praise be to God who heals us, redeems us, and causes everything that happens to us to work to our advantage as we serve Him! Keep your eyes and ears open and your heart willing to receive and you can overcome anything this world throws at you!

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