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Coria Brock

September 2, 2023

Genesis 3:23, New International Version

“So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden…”

I once read the following, “When snow is coming down it is beautiful. But once it hits the ground, the fallen world, it starts to ruin.” This is the same understanding the Lord has given me in the past. His creation was originally very good, yet we are now on the discount shelf. The value has not changed, but it is broken and damaged. Both of these illustrations bring us back to the beginning: The Fall. (Genesis 3)

Have you ever asked yourself this question: “How is it possible that God created us in such a wonderful and fearful way?” Have you ever tried to picture what it must have been like to watch the Lord make creation? Have you ever imagined the scene and painted it in your mind? God has never created something that was not created out of love, instead, everything He creates is beautifully made. Just like the garden of Eden and the sun and moon and stars which bring light. Sadly, Adam and Eve were led to distrust the Lord and to disobey and sin against His goodness and holiness. 

Did Adam and Eve not see the beauty that the Lord made in them? Did they not recognize how well-prepared Eden was for them and how blessed they were to be there where there was no sickness or pain? Maybe they did not know evil and did not understand the blessing and love they received from the Lord God almighty. However, this is not what I plan to discuss in this article. My desire is for you to know the consequences of “The Fall”. It changed everything, from beauty to ruin.

We cannot change what has happened, or undo what is done. But we can learn a lesson from history. We can live and think wisely according to what happened in the past, and not follow the same pattern that led to destruction. Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” We are called to have a sound mind, the mind of Christ, not insanity. Centuries come and go. We experience ups and downs and we can clearly see the difference between good and evil when we look at mankind. This should give us a better understanding of what living life is about. Through all these things, we can continue to see the fall of mankind. 

“The Fall” may have been a one-time event, but it carries on in the life of every one of us. Every decision we make is just like a drop of snow. it can land on the top of a tree and bring out the beauty of our Creator, like whoever abides in the Vine, Jesus, and reflects His glory. Or it can land on the ground and melt with the mud like those who fall and engage with the mess of the world. 

My dear friends, this is not written as a judgment or to discourage. This is a fact proven through history, and the truth written in the Bible. Every word is breathed by the Lord. The time of judgment has begun. Judgement Day is closer than it was a thousand years ago, but the grace of God is still here for everyone who has hope. A hope to live a life with a blessing, not a curse. (Genesis 3) I encourage you to not just accept what I wrote but open the Bible and seek the Lord to give understanding for yourself. 

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