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Coria Brock

June 8, 2024

Psalm 23:6, English Standard version

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

According to The Moody Bible Commentary, this is what the first part of Psalm 23:6 means, “David’s confidence in this future inheritance, guaranteed by God’s unshakable goodness and lovingkindness brings him comfort in this life, regardless of the situation. The fatherly aspect of the relationship between the divine Shepherd and His sheep is underscored by the verb follow (sometimes translated ‘pursue’, elsewhere used to describe the active pursuit of one army by another. Under God’s care. His followers will be constantly pursued or faithfully followed after His goodness and loving kindness.”


And it goes on to describe the second part like this, “The closing verse has two interesting words in translation. Commentators frequently suggest the meaning here has to do with spending eternity in heaven, However, this idea does not originate in this test. Rather than to dwell, the Hebrew should be translated ‘return’, so this is likely an expectation of return to the house of the LORD, the usual name for the sanctuary (tabernacle or temple), for a lifetime (forever) of worship and fellowship with God. The anticipates the time when the Anointed One will return to the temple in Jerusalem, a common messianic theme. Not surprisingly, the next psalm (Psalm 24) will take up this theme, celebrating the return of the ‘King of Glory’ to the temple in Jerusalem.”


My dear brothers and sisters, if Psalm 23 is also one of your favorite passages, then I hope you can fully grasp the meaning of verse 6. It is a conclusion and a promise for those who belong to Jesus: Now and forever we will have fellowship and worship in the presence of the Lord!


If this is not what you most desire, then you may need to rethink how much Jesus means to you. If this is not what your life focus is, then you may also need to make sure you do not one foot in for Jesus, and one foot out chasing after the world.


In Christ, there is everlasting love, agape love. In Christ, there is peace, peace that the world cannot give. In Christ, there is full joy, no more tears no more sorrow. In Christ, there is hope even when we are walking through the valley of death because we know that in the future we will be in a place where there is no sickness and no pain. Instead, all the former things will have passed away. We will have a new life, a new body, and live on a new earth.


Is this chaos, darkness, and sin of this world your cup of tea? Does it bring pleasure into your life? If it does not, turn to Jesus, hold onto His goodness, and fix your eyes on the things above. Then return home, the eternal home.

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