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Coria Brock

June 1, 2024

Genesis 50:20, English Standard version

“As for you, you meant evil against me (Joseph), but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”

Is Genesis 50:20 applicable to what was Jesus has done on the cross? The answer is absolutely yes! While the devil thought he defeated the Son of God, Pilate believed he had authority over Christ, and the Pharisees and the crowd were shouting victory for successfully crucifying Jesus, they did not know that the Father would use their act of evil for good. Because of His sacrifice on the cross He has brought salvation to all who accept Him. (John 3:16, John 19:10)


If we take heart and heed the Word about the life of Joseph, we will find that his life had many similarities to Jesus.


Joseph was sold for twenty pieces of silver, the price of a slave his age. Christ was sold for thirty pieces of silver, the price of a slave His age. (Genesis 37:26, Matthew 27:3)


Through Joseph being sold to Egypt as slave, there was temporal salvation, and he became his people’s deliverer. Jesus, by being given into the hands of the gentiles, was crucified and completed the atoning sacrifice, becoming the Deliverer for all mankind.


Other similarities include that they both began their ministry at thirty years old, (Genesis 41:46, Luke 3:23) but one of the most significant was this: all knees will bow down to Jesus just as all people bowed down to Joseph when he was exalted to his position in Egypt! Just as Joseph offered forgiveness to his brothers, Jesus offers forgiveness to all!


If we fully understand that God was actually prophesying Jesus through the life of Joseph, then we should be confident that the promises He made through Jesus will be completed as well. When Jesus came the first time He was born of a virgin, crucified on the cross, and raised from the dead were accomplished. We should know and believe that He will be coming again and that there will be a great tribulation. Judgement Day is not an empty threat and everlasting life is not a false hope. What shall we do? No one can escape or avoid what will happen according to the will of God by denying any part of the Word.


If you are reading this message, I hope you will not ignore it or pretend this has nothing to do with you. I also pray that you will not resist it as well, because it will not change the truth and the will of God. What will change is your destination – the place where you spend eternity. It is time to be wise and seek the truth!

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